Who can take part in the Great Froggo Challenge?
The great froggo challenge has been designed for all young people through youth groups, family led, home schooling or schools! Anyone can take part and once you’re ready order some badges! And with adaptable requirements you can set the challenges you feel will be beneficial to your child or youth group environment!

Are the age ranges set in stone and compulsory?
No, they are just our idea of a guideline to ensure the badge is an achievable challenge for all! Please feel free to alter these depending on your own requirements.

Who are we raising money for?
Papyrus UK, they are the leading charity in trying to prevent youth suicide in the United Kingdom. More information can be found on their website

Do we ship overseas?
Certainly! We will provide you with a custom quote for postage when you place your order.

Can adults do this challenge too?
Of course they can!

Do I need to be part of an organisation to complete this challenge?
No, you don’t, anyone and everyone is more than welcome to take part in the Great Froggo Challenge!

How can I share the amazing work my group have done in completing the Great Froggo Challenge?
Get in touch with us on our Facebook page or email us at help@froggochallenge.co.uk