Fun Challenges

The final section of the Great Froggo Challenge is all about fun activities your section can organise for themselves, or the young leaders can organise or run as great end of term, weekend or evening sessions. They’re all based around sessions that Ben absolutely loved, as well as giving us an opportunity to share with you many of his interests and passions.

A running theme throughout is the fostering of fantastic team spirit within your unit or group, whether its planning the logistics of an outing for the unit, or helping older leaders help a younger section to achieve their award. This is one of Ben’s lasting legacies to our unit, and the team ethos we have has kept us strong both throughout the creation of this challenge and all the uncertainties around lockdown.

Complete session plans for lots of the activities are available in the links below within their suggested age groups, feel free to use these or create your own to help with the wide range of challenges available on the challenge’s PDF download.

The suggested number of challenges your section should complete are:

Ages 5-7: 2 challenges
Ages 7-10: 3 challenges
Ages 10-14: 4 challenges
Ages 14+: 5 challenges

Please note that these age ranges are just guidelines, if they are not right for you, please use your own discretion